About this website

Welcome to thenewhampshireprimary.com, the Granite State’s leading source of news, information and discussion on the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

The First In The Nation Primary is a year away (unless other states frontload us into 2007) but more than 20 candidates, both great and small, have already jumped into the fray.

Why all the excitement?

Without an incumbent president or vice president in the race the field is wide open. Front- runners like Democratic senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Republicans Sen. John McCain and former N.Y. City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are all vulnerable. This is truly a moment where a relatively unknown could rise to the top the way former peanut farmer George Gov. Jimmy Carter did in 1976.

One thing is certain, to win their parties’ nominations the candidates will have to survive the grueling New Hampshire Primary.

On this site you will find everything you need to know about the candidates and everything the candidates hoped you’d never know.

We’ll provide reports and commentary by many of the best and brightest political analysts, but we plan to give the highest soapbox to New Hampshire’s citizens who will spend the next 12 months rubbing elbows with the men and women who think they should be our next president.

The spirit of this site was summed up by Washington Post columnist David Broder who noted: "Every four years, someone will ask why a nation this large, this diverse, lets a couple of hundred thousand voters in an out-of-the-way corner of this country decide who should be president. The answer is obvious. Nobody does it better."

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