Ron Paul billboard in Manchester. (Courtesy photo)

AUSTIN, Texas — Supporters of Presidential candidate Ron Paul announce the launch of a privately funded Ron Paul billboard in Manchester, N.H., just in time for the primary. As a result of fantastic grassroots support through contributions on, they are conveying Ron Paul’s message of hope for America to the voting public. They are pleased to be a part of the growing groundswell of support for Ron Paul and his message of restoring the Constitution and saving the economy. began by putting a digital billboard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on December, 13th, 2007, displaying multiple Ron Paul ads. Currently they have a campaign to launch billboards in several cities in South Carolina, as well. The grassroots movement dedicated to spreading Ron Paul's message during the primaries is remarkable. From the Ron Paul Blimp, to the Ron Paul Air corps flying banners, a great deal is happening to spread the message about Ron Paul. His supporters are certainly taking their magnificent grassroots expression of support to new horizons. Ron Paul’s message of liberty, peace, prosperity and hope for a better future, really resonates with people across the globe.

Organized by Harold and Kerry Gray, is yet another grassroots project actively engaged in the Ron Paul R3VOLution. On January 6th, 2008, Fox News failed to invite Ron Paul to participate in its presidential candidates forum. Despite the lack of fair media coverage, Dr. Paul has a tremendous following and it is certain his supporters will continue to gain momentum. As stated by Harold Gray “The revolution may not be televised, nevertheless it will be displayed!” The Ron Paul campaign did not have any involvement in the concepts, designs or funding of the billboards.