Congressman Delahunt Endorses Barack Obama For President

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Bill Delahunt (D-MA) today endorsed Barack Obama for President.

“Barack Obama is the candidate in this race with the credibility and judgment who will restore the standing of the United States around the world,” said Congressman Delahunt. “As President, he will change the direction of our foreign policy and help America regain a position of respect and moral authority around the world.”

Delahunt calls the decision to go to war, the single most important foreign policy decision of our time: “While much of the Washington political establishment got it wrong, Senator Obama saw through the rhetoric and hype in the run-up to the war. He opposed the war when it was politically unpopular and he has displayed remarkable judgment in promoting the right policies to bring this conflict to an end.”

Delahunt added “The conventional thinking in Washington has rubber stamped much of the Bush administration's failed foreign policy. Yet, Barack Obama did not give President Bush the benefit of the doubt on Iraq or on Iran, and as President he will bring the credible leadership that is necessary to keep the United States strong and secure”.

After months of hearings in Washington examining the United State's dramatic decline in world wide support, Delahunt says America needs a dramatic change in foreign policy. "The Bush administration has not only divided us here at home, but has isolated America from much of the world. Barack Obama understands these challenges. He will not only bridge our divisions here at home, but will reach out and rebuild diplomatic ties with countries around the world.”

“Congressman Delahunt has been a leading voice in Congress opposing the Bush administration's foreign policy that has diminished our credibility abroad and made us less secure,” said Senator Obama. “He understands the need to leverage not only our military might, but also the power of American ideals, as we work to rebuild our standing in the world. Congressman Delahunt knows that to bring the war to an end and to restore security and prosperity, we must fundamentally change the way we conduct foreign policy.

Congressman Bill Delahunt has represented the 10th District of Massachusetts in Congress since 1997. He is a long time member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and chairs the Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight, which has oversight over the State Department, foreign aid and export assistance programs, arms control, democracy promotion and the U.S. role in the United Nations.

Delahunt serves as co-chairman of the Congressional Study Group on Germany and was chosen by Speaker Pelosi this year as the Congressional Democrat to represent the entire Congress as the delegate to the United Nations 62nd General Assembly.

He has opposed the war in Iraq and is one of the original founders of the Out of Iraq Caucus in the House.

A former District Attorney, Delahunt also serves on the Judiciary Committee, where he is known as a strong defender of civil rights. Delahunt is the co-chair of the bipartisan Coast Guard Caucus and House Older Americans Caucus.