Clinton Campaign Launches

New website features video testimonials from constituents, friends, & leaders whose lives Hillary has touched

Kicking off Day 2 of its “Every County Counts Tour,” the Clinton campaign today unveiled a first-of-its-kind website called “ The Hillary I Know ” which features video testimonials from regular Americans, longtime friends, and well-known leaders, whose lives have all been changed by Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has delivered change in the lives of the people she has met and known for 35 years. From the friends she grew up with, to the people she has known, to the Americans she has helped, will show voters a glimpse of the kind of change that Hillary has worked for and achieved.

The videos include testimonials from prominent Americans like General Wesley Clark and Governor Tom Vilsack. But they also include moving stories from people who have known Hillary personally for years, like close childhood friend Betsy Ebeling; Ann Henry, who hosted the Clintons' wedding reception; close friend Jim Blair; and Ed Matthews, Hillary's pastor in Arkansas.

And it presents the stories of Hillary's constituents, like Shannon Mallozzi, a New Yorker whose daughter received care for a brain disease with Hillary's help; Marvin Bethea, a first responder at Ground Zero whom Hillary helped after 9/11; and Catherine McVay Hughes, a resident of lower Manhattan impacted by the air quality issues that developed at Ground Zero after 9/11.

The videos are powerful and serve as a stark reminder that the issues discussed in campaigns impact real people. They also provide insight into the kind of person Hillary is, and put Hillary's lifetime of working for change into a context that policy papers simply do not convey. For example, Shannon, the mother whose daughter Hillary helped, recounts in her video that she wasn't just talking to a senator but a fellow mother when she turned to Hillary. She talks about how Hillary worked outside the view of the media, calling her repeatedly, and putting her in touch with people who could help her daughter get the medical treatment she needed.

To promote the website, the campaign will be launching a major blog-ad campaign on a diverse range of blogs today, including several in the early primary and caucus states. The ads will also be accompanied by a comprehensive web push on the campaign's official website and blog , social networking sites, and YouTube.

In addition, many of the people featured on will hit the campaign trail for Hillary, some of them even joining Hillary at her stops today, to tell Iowa caucus-goers about the Hillary they know.

The “Hillary I Know” surrogates are part of the five-day “Every County Counts Tour” that will reach all 99 of Iowa's counties in an effort to energize the campaign's supporters, strengthen its organization, and make its case to people who have not yet made up their minds about who to support on January 3rd.