Rudy Giuliani stops in Port City

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Rudolph Giuliani
Former Mayor, NYC
Born: 05/28/1944
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Religion: Catholic
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PORTSMOUTH City Councilor Harold Whitehouse broke bread with Rudy Giuliani Sunday morning when the presidential hopeful tore off a piece of his bagel and declared it "good."

Giuliani slid onto the empty seat next to Whitehouse at the counter of the Golden Egg during a campaign tour of the Seacoast. The Republican candidate was greeted at the 960 Sagamore Ave. restaurant by a crowd of supporters, which included city police detective and prosecutor Corey MacDonald with his wife, Joy, and their 8-month-old daughter, Avery.

After signing autographs and shaking hands, the candidate sampled the coffee and Whitehouse's bagel and remarked about the Red Sox. Wearing her Red Sox shirt, longtime Golden Egg hostess Patti Fransoso joked with the candidate and gave him a hug before returning to her job managing the crowd.

Followed by a pack of reporters and photographers, Giuliani introduced himself to diners seated at tables on his way out the door to continue his Sunday Seacoast campaign. He was scheduled to meet voters next at Young's restaurant on Main Street in Durham.