John Mccain Announces New Hampshire Health Care Coalition

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today released its New Hampshire Health Care Coalition. Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter will serve as coalition chair. Mayor Streeter formerly served as a member of the National Health Planning Council, appointed by President Ford; the National Advisory Council of the U.S. Public Health Service, appointed by President Reagan; and is the former Vice President of Southern NH Medical Center. In addition, Dr. Matthew Norman of Rye, New Hampshire will serve as vice-chair.

"John McCain is willing to address the fundamental problem: the rapidly rising cost of U.S. health care," said Mayor Streeter. "These reforms will put families in charge of their health care dollars and give patients more control over their care."

Dr. Norman added, "I'm tired of being responsive to insurance companies and government regulations. As a doctor, the question I ask myself when evaluating a health care reform proposal is: does this plan afford me the opportunity to provide better quality care for my patients? John McCain's plan is about quality care for patients and I am proud to support his efforts to improve our health care system."

Senator McCain thanked the New Hampshire coalition for their support, stating, "Our health care system must work for American families. We must address the fundamental problem with our system - the rapidly rising cost of care - and harness market competition to build a system that is more responsive to patients and is delivered to more people at a lower cost."


Hon. Bernie Streeter, Chair

Dr. Matthew E. Norman, Vice-Chair

Maureen Barrows, R.N.

Mary Breen, R.N.

Bryan Bridges, M.D.

Dennis Card, M.D.

Cathie Chevalier, Certified Medical Assistant

James Clemons, Pharmacist

Scott Cote, Southern NH Medical Center Associate Vice President for Facilities and Emergency Preparedness

Grif Dalianis, Ph.D., Civilian Chairman for VA Administration for Rehabilitation

Janeen Dalrymple, R.N., Fmr. Statehouse Vice Chair of Health & Human Services Committee

Marie Doyle, C.N.A.

Brenda Dupuis, R.N.

Richard D. Groves, D.D.S.

Paul Harper, M.D.

Mark R. Henschke, M.D.

Patty Henschke, Portsmouth Regional Hospital Director of Inpatient Operations

Robert Hockmuth, M.D.

Nancy Merrill, Valley Regional Hospital Board of Trustees

Terence Moran, M.D.

Stephanie Norman, R.N.

Jeffrey Tolstad, M.D.

Jennifer Welch, R.N.

Kathe Wolf, R.N.

Steven Woods, Nursing Home Administrator