Colebrook Selectman Larry Rappaport Endorses Paul

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – The Ron Paul Campaign proudly announced today the endorsement of Colebrook Selectman Larry Rappaport.

"After watching the debates and considering all the options," Mr. Rappaport said, "I can only whole-heartedly endorse Congressman Ron Paul. He says what he thinks, and he knows that our constitution-based government is supposed to serve the people—not large corporations. He does not believe that the U.S. can or should solve all of the world's problems."

Mr. Rappaport continued, "As an international consultant, I'm well aware of the difference between individual, free-market economics and corporate interests. Dr. Paul is the only candidate who truly understands that distinction, and I believe his administration would allow small businesses to flourish, maintaining security and respect for individual rights while working to repair our image in the world."

Larry Rappaport is the Chairman of the Colebrook Board of Selectmen, where he sits in his second term. A 35-year resident of the town, he is Vice President of the Colebrook Development Corporation, where he served as Project Manager bringing broadband Internet access to the town this year. Mr. Rappaport also sits on the board of the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.