Governor Richardson to Receive Humanitarian Award from Animal Protection Group

SANTA FE, NM-- Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) tonight will announce that the recipient of the 2007 APNM Executive Director's Award is New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson. Richardson will be honored in recognition of his extensive humanitarian work on behalf of, and dedication to, New Mexico's animals.

"I am honored to receive this award," Richardson said. "As a nation, we have to improve the treatment and protection of all animals. I applaud APNM, and I know that they will keep up the good work."

APNM released the following statement in commendation of Governor Richardson:

"Since 2003, Governor Richardson has been a staunch supporter of animal protection legislation that helps animals in numerous ways, including: making euthanasia more humane, mandating safe antifreeze by adding a bittering agent, providing funds for animal shelter improvements, and funding spay-neuter services to help control cat and dog overpopulation. In the 2006 session, he authorized an unprecedented $2.75 million for animal-related capital projects, and approved $400,000 for state-funded spay-neuter surgeries. In 2007, Governor Richardson publicly supported and signed the bill to end the practice of cockfighting, and created a new board to implement animal shelter and euthanasia standards."