Bill Richardson Says He Will Be "Warrior for Working Americans" in Speech to LIUNA Members

CHICAGO, IL-- In a speech today to the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson affirmed that he is the candidate best prepared to fight for America's middle-class and help the nation's working families.

"If you want someone who knows what you have struggled for and how to get results, if you want a warrior for working Americans in the White House, then I am your candidate," Governor Richardson said. "Some of the candidates in this race bring experience. Others are voices for change. With me, you get both. I have the experience to change this country for working Americans."

Governor Richardson detailed his successful efforts on behalf of working men and women in New Mexico.

"While other candidates may promise to fight for workers' rights, I have it done as Governor of New Mexico and will continue to do so as President," Richardson said. "One of my first acts as Governor was to reinstate collective bargaining, with card check and fair share, for public employees. While President Bush possesses the worst job creation record since Herbert Hoover, over 80,000 more New Mexicans are working since I became Governor, and unemployment is at historic lows. In addition, I have invested significantly in education, and New Mexico enjoys a high rate of personal income growth."

Richardson described his vision for an America that does right by its workers.

"First and foremost, when I am President, my Secretary of Labor will be a union member," Richardson said. "I am going to make passing the Employee Free Choice Act a priority. We need card check so that our nation's workers can organize without fear. When I am President, workers will have fair share. Together, we can remind Washington that every worker in this country deserves a piece of the American dream."

Richardson also talked about the central importance of ending the war in Iraq.

"I strongly believe that we cannot move forward as a nation if we leave troops behind in Iraq," Richardson said. "We need to get all of our brave men and women in the military out of Iraq-- all of them-- and leave no residual forces behind. The other major Democratic candidates and I respectfully disagree: they would leave tens of thousands of troops in Iraq for years."