Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Comments on the Presidential Address to the Nation

Davenport, IA – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee issued the following comment in response to President Bush’s address to the nation:

“I agree with the President and his decision to accept the recommendations of General Petraeus. During his speech, the President gave an honest assessment of the status of the war in Iraq: while the challenges remain formidable, the surge is working and there’s been significant progress – particularly in Anbar province.

“The current policy of providing security and stability has to be carried out. We can’t walk away and not honor those who are serving our country. If we leave now, it will show weakness, which would do irreparable damage to America’s reputation and ability to protect our national interests, as well as create chaos and massive suffering in the region.

“The war we are fighting in the Middle East is a theological war. It is not a traditional geo-political war; it is a war against against Islamic fanatics who want to destroy us. It is a test of will and purpose.

“The question is, do we have the will to fight the enemy and take the fight to them or will they prevail? For the sake of future generations of Americans, this is a war we must win. We must give our commanders and troops what they need to succeed.”