Dodd Shows Leadership, Responsibility In Iraq Strategy

Washington, DC - Presidential candidate Chris Dodd today demonstrated the leadership and experience needed to bring the Iraq war to a responsible end when he announced his intention to introduce an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill. Dodd has been leading the Democratic candidates in calling on the Administration to change course in Iraq. Dodd has insisted the half-measures proposed by other candidates and his colleagues in the Senate are inadequate, and that to end the war we must set a clear deadline for redeployment and that deadline must be tied to funding.

"Even after his top General said that there has been no significant political progress in Iraq and couldn't say if our involvement in Iraq's civil war has made the country safer, George Bush continues to insist that we should stay the course," said Dodd. "There can be no doubt that this President won't change course in Iraq and certainly not when given the option of an open ended engagement by the Congress. The only way to bring our involvement in this civil war to a conclusion is to use our Constitutional power of the purse by setting a firm deadline tied to funding. I urge my colleagues to support the Dodd Amendment and send a clear message that we will do what we must do to restore the security of the country and bring this war to a responsible end."

Dodd's amendment would:

* Begin to immediately redeploy troops from Iraq

* Mandate a phased redeployment of US troops to be concluded by April 30, 2008

* Provide funding for redeployment operations and end all funding for combat operations by April 30, 2008

* Redirect any savings from a reduced military presence in Iraq to our war-battered National Guard and armed services