Dodd Speaks Out on Clinton, Obama Foreign Policy Approaches

WASHINGTON - Senator and Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd spoke out strongly this morning about the dangerously politicized direction both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have taken in their foreign policy approaches.

First came the false debate over diplomacy, stemming from Obama's overly simplistic and Clinton's overly rigid answers to a question about meetings with international leaders in the CNN/YouTube debate.

This was followed by Senator Obama's confusing and irresponsible statements about Pakistan and his unwise categorical statements about military options.

Now comes a report that Senator Clinton may be using polls to test her foreign policy positions on potential voters.

"With the stakes so high for our country, we cannot afford to subject our foreign policy to political gamesmanship or put our finger in the political winds.

"If we're going to regain our national security and restore our position in the world, it will take strong, proven leadership.

"It will take a President who makes foreign policy decisions based on judgment and experience, not the results of a political poll. We need a President that makes decisions based in the best interests of our country, not just in the best interests of his or her campaign.

"As a U.S. Senator, I have been involved in every major foreign policy debate of the last quarter century and helped resolve conflicts around the world, and I will bring that experience with me to the White House."