Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Announces New Hampshire Endorsements

Little Rock, AR Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, following a strong finish in the Iowa Straw Poll, announced today an impressive roster of prominent New Hampshire political leaders and activists endorsing his presidential candidacy.

Among them, former Senator and Executive Council Candidate Russell Prescott from Exeter will join the New Hampshire Huckabee Leadership Committee and serve as the Rockingham County Co-Chair, it was announced.

"Governor Huckabee speaks from the heart articulating positions that encourage both sides to work together. His qualifications for President are backed up by his performance as Governor of Arkansas," Prescott said. "Being elected in an 80% Democrat state, he bypassed party lines and proved people vote for authenticity and results. Governor Huckabee is strong in so many areas. He is my choice for President and I am looking forward to working real hard for him."

Former Executive Councilor, State Senator and State Representative Dave Wheeler will also serve on the statewide leadership committee, chair Huckabee's "New Hampshire Homeschoolers for Huckabee Coalition," and serve on his 2nd Amendment Advisory Committee.

"Mike Huckabee is just the type of leader this country needs. He is a true conservative that shares the same family values that I do," Wheeler said. "His record of accomplishment in Arkansas is impressive, and he is the only candidate that I can fully endorse without hesitation because I know that he believes in what he says. Mike Huckabee is the person I will be supporting and working for to get elected President."

Also endorsing Huckabee is former Commissioner of Transportation Carol Murray, who will advise the Governor's campaign on transportation issues. In addition, State Representative Jason Bedrick from Windham, will serve as the Windham/Salem Town Chair; John Castelot, Vice Chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee, will serve as the Manchester Ward 4 Chair; Cheryl Cataldo, will serve as Farmington Town Chair; State Representative Dan Dumaine, will serve as the Rockingham County Co-Chair and Auburn Town Chair; State Representative Frank Emiro, will serve as Londonderry Town Chair; State Representative Ryan Hansen, will serve as the Milford Town Chair; Dick & Linda Jazowski, will serve as Rochester City Committee Chairs; State Representative Connie Soucy, will serve as Manchester City Committee Co-Chair; and former State Representative Rep. Nancy Wall will serve as the Hollis Town Chair.

"I am pleased to have the trust and support of this fine group of individuals, led by New Hampshire Campaign Manager Debra Vanderbeek," Huckabee said. " New Hampshire is a priority state for me. With my growing leadership team, and the continued wise counsel of my co-chairmen, Fred Bramante and Cliff Hurst, and my advisor on state issues, Sen. Bob Clegg, I am confident we will be victorious on Primary Day."