Congressman Patrick Murphy Endorses Barack Obama for President

Only Iraq War veteran in Congress praises Obama’s ability to bring about change

CHI CAGO, IL — Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-PA), the first and only Iraq War Veteran to serve in Congress, announced today his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President. Congressman Murphy is a recipient of the Bronze Star and former West Point professor.

“When I returned from Baghdad, I saw that we needed to go in a new direction -- both here at home and in Iraq. I am inspired by Senator Obama's call to service and believe he is best suited to bring about the changes we need in our country,” Murphy said. “Senator Obama truly wants to unite America and speaking as a former Captain in the 82nd Airborne Division, I know that he has the judgment we need to be our next Commander-in- Chief.”

Congressman Patrick Murphy deployed twice after 9/11, first in Bosnia (2002) and then in Baghdad (2003-2004). He also taught constitutional law at West Point. After un-seating the Republican incumbent to represent Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district in 2006, Congressman Murphy was asked to serve on the House Armed Services Committee, and as the only freshman congressman on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. In Congress he has worked with Senator Barack Obama on the Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007 to stop troop addition and develop a plan to redeploy American troops.

“I’m honored to have Congressman Murphy’s endorsement,” Obama said. “ Congressman Murphy is a part of the new generation of American leaders that’s bringing a fresh voice to our nation’s capitol. He knows that we need fundamental change in our politics and our foreign policy if we want to make the progress America so desperately needs.”

Congressman Murphy’s endorsement comes as Senator Obama prepares to address the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in Kansas City, MO later today. Obama will discuss his agenda to ensure that America’s military continues to be the strongest fighting force in the world, and to make certain we honor our nation’s sacred trust to care for veterans and their families, both commitments he shares with Congressman Murphy and a cause that has guided his work on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.