Richardson Campaign Outlines Bold Energy Plan in New TV Ad

SANTA FE, NM -- Governor Bill Richardson's campaign unveiled a new ad in Iowa today, emphasizing Governor Richardson's call for a New Energy Revolution.

Watch the ad and find background documents here:

In the ad, Governor Richardson details his plan for clean energy, which the Sierra Club has called "much more aggressive" than any other candidates' plan.

"Bill Richardson not only has the best clean energy plan, he has a proven record of experience and achievement as Governor of New Mexico and Secretary of Energy," said campaign manager Dave Contarino. "He has made New Mexico the Clean Energy state with aggressive, effective policies and as President, he will do the same for America."

Governor Richardson encourages people to visit his website,, to learn more about his plan to reduce demand for oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and raise mileage standards.

"As Iowans learn about Governor Richardson's plans for clean energy and his record as Governor of New Mexico and Secretary of Energy, we are confident we will continue our steady, upward climb," said Contarino. "The latest polls show our campaign continuing to gain support in Iowa and across the country."