Wife: Edwards 'most electable'
John Edwards (D)
Former Senator, NC
Born: 06/10/1953
Birthplace: Seneca, SC
Home: Raleigh, NC
Religion: Methodist
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RYE "I'm not a speech giver, as many of you know," began Elizabeth Edwards, "but I like conversation."

Edwards, wife of presidential hopeful John Edwards, attended a house party in Rye on Friday hosted by supporters Mike Schwartz and Sharyn Potter. Edwards was invited to this event as part of the John Edwards campaign to attend 13 events in New Hampshire over three days.

"He is the most progressive and the most electable," said Edwards of her husband. As she spoke freely, without any notes, she made a quick reference to her breast cancer.

"I can do most anything, and this is the most worthwhile thing I can be doing right now," said Edwards. "John will win this nomination."

As Edwards opened the floor to questions, the crowd continuously brought up John Edwards' health care platform. Edwards was questioned on the use of the word "aggressive," which she used in the same sentence as health care. Edwards replied that health care is still the biggest issue right now and that there is a national consensus to fix the problem.

Edwards discussed her husband's guarantee of true universal health care, in which every man, woman and child in the United States is provided with benefits and preventative care. "John has been fighting his whole life for health care," said Edwards.

One member of the crowd, Bob Vincent, asked why the presidential candidates were dancing around the issue of national health care. Edwards replied, "We are not dancing around this issue at all, and (we) are working to create a Medicare Plus policy." Edwards said she believes that a government program isn't something to be afraid of, and it is her husband's policy that the American people will have a choice in their health care.