Richardson: Get troops out this year
Presidential candidate Bill Richardson is greeted by supporters in Market Square on Monday.
Jackie Ricciardi/

PORTSMOUTH Presidential hopeful Bill Richardson took a stroll through sunny Market Square Monday afternoon, talking with locals about health care and the war in Iraq.

The New Mexico governor told patrons at Breaking New Grounds and Popovers on the Square that he wants troops out of Iraq by the end of the year.

By the time he left, Richardson was wearing stickers saying "I'm a health care voter" and "stop global warming." He signed a petition calling to save the Alaskan wilderness and he shook just about every hand in the square.

State Rep. David Borden, D-New Castle, serves on a steering committee for Sen. Barack Obama. He said he'd love to see an Obama/Richardson ticket.

Asked later about the idea, Richardson joked, "How about a Richardson/Obama ticket?"

Female voters sought

Also on Monday, in Concord, Richardson said he will not concede the women's vote to rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and opened his courtship of the important Democratic voting bloc by pledging to protect the right to abortion.

The former Clinton cabinet member launched his Women for Richardson effort with pledges to support pay equity, limited Social Security credit for family leave and appoint judges who would uphold abortion rights.

"This is not a constituency issue. This is not an issue of women being a special interest. Women are the majority in this country," Richardson said. "What I'm doing here is addressing the interests of the majority."

Material from The Associated Press was used in this report.