Richardson: N.H. embracing my style
Bill Richardson
Governor, NM
Born: 11/15/1947
Birthplace: Pasedena, CA
Home: Santa Fe, NM
Religion: Catholic
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PORTSMOUTH — Presidential candidate Bill Richardson said he is picking up momentum in New Hampshire because of his experience, his views on Iraq and energy and his campaign style.

Richardson has a new advertisement currently on air in which he "applies" for the job of president. In the ad, the interviewer lists his qualifications and then asks, "What makes you think you should be president?"

"My job interview ad has helped move us up in the polls," said Richardson of his campaign. "We are around 10 percent now. I think our approach, using house parties and grass-roots campaigning, is working. I appreciate that New Hampshire likes underdogs and feels we're having a positive impact."

Richardson said out of all the candidates, he has the strongest and most aggressive position about Iraq.

"I think we should be out by the end of this calendar year, and if I were president, we would be," said Richardson. "We need to leave no residual forces there. I think the next move for Congress should be to deauthorize the war using Article 1 of the War Powers Act, which cannot be vetoed. I believe our troops have become targets, that 61 percent of Iraqis now think it's OK to shoot at American soldiers. Only when we leave can diplomacy begin for the reconciliation process. Five years ago the war was authorized because of weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein. The reasons no longer apply."

Richardson said the energy plan he released has been called the most aggressive by the League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.

"My strongest points are my foreign policy record and my experience as a governor," he said. "People are getting to know me."