'It's my home turf, too': Giuliani takes dig at Clinton at St. Pat's parade
Rudolph Giuliani
Former Mayor, NYC
Born: 05/28/1944
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Religion: Catholic
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Hillary Clinton (D) Senator, New York
Born: 10/26/1947
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Home: Chappaqua, NY
Religion: Methodist
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NEW YORK (MCT) -- There may be two New Yorkers running for president, but only one marched in Saturday's St. Patrick's Day parade -- and former mayor Rudy Giuliani wasn't about to let Sen. Hillary Clinton forget it.

"It's been my home turf longer than Hillary's," Giuliani said when asked about the prospect of running in a general election against Clinton in her home state.

"I was born in Brooklyn, I grew up in Nassau County for part of my life; I lived in Queens; I've lived in Manhattan; I went to school in the Bronx; and I did the best in Staten Island (when running for mayor)," Giuliani said moments before he began marching with Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., in Saturday's parade.

"So it's my home turf, too."

The subtle dig at Clinton -- who was chasing a different kind of green at fund-raisers in Texas Saturday -- marked the beginning of what became an almost triumphant march along Fifth Avenue for Giuliani who was greeted with cheers of "Go, Rudy!"

Just to make sure the crowd was properly primed, an advance guard of Giuliani aides ran ahead to distribute hundreds of "Rudy" signs. No one needed much encouragement, however.

Outside of a handful of boos, most lobbed by protesters opposed to the parade's exclusion of openly gay marchers, it was as if Giuliani were leading another Yankees victory parade -- only everyone was in green.