Dodd agrees to New Hampshire Climate Change Challenge

Washington, DC - Senator Chris Dodd today responded to New Hampshire citizens who are asking for national leadership to address the climate change crisis. Dodd strongly endorsed the terms of a climate change resolution that is being considered in 180 town meetings across the Granite State.

"Global climate change is one of the most pressing issue of our time," said Dodd. "Sadly, the current administration has squandered six years by denying scientific evidence at the behest of the oil and gas industry. The next president has to make up for lost time. When I am elected president in 2008, I will make global warming a top priority by asking the American people to join me in setting an ambitious timetable for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that threaten both our natural environment and our economic well being."

In town meetings across the Granite State during the month of March, New Hampshire citizens are considering resolutions asking for local, state and national leadership to fight global warming. Thus far, 86 towns have passed climate change resolutions.

The resolution urges the President and Congress to establish "a national program requiring reductions of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions while protecting the U.S. economy" and to create "a major national research initiative to foster rapid development of sustainable energy technologies thereby stimulating new jobs and investment."

Dodd says those are commitments he will make today. "I hope that I will be joined by other Democratic and Republican candidates," said Dodd. "Protecting our environment for future generations should be a bi-partisan issue."