Sen. Joseph Biden to visit Granite State Independent Living Concord Headquarters

CONCORD, NH - Granite State Independent Living, a state-wide non-profit organization based in Concord, will host Senator Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) at its 21 Chenell Drive headquarters on Wednesday, February 28 at 10:30 a.m.

Senator Biden is the second candidate to participate in Granite State Independent Living's "Politics and Pie" series, during which presidential hopefuls discuss their positions on healthcare, disability awareness, accessibility and other related issues with employees and friends of Granite State Independent Living.

"Our goal is to ensure that every New Hampshire resident has access to programs, supports and educational opportunities that enable him or her to live independently," said Michael Quinn, vice president of Development and Communications for Granite State Independent Living. "Achieving our goal requires a combination of policy changes and a shift in attitudes about what it means to live with a disability. Policy changes begin in the Oval Office, and we are pleased that candidates are recognizing the importance of our mission."

In conjunction with Senator Biden's visit, Granite State Independent Living will announce the launch of its new Disability Awareness Training program. The interactive, progressive training program is designed to support New Hampshire businesses and organizations in their efforts to enhance the effectiveness of interactions with their customers and clients with disabilities.

The outcome of the training is simple and powerful: when provided with practical, easy-to-use best practices, employees come to understand that whether the person coming through the door is living with a disability or not, they are a customer, client or prospect first.

"Over 200,000 New Hampshire residents are living with some degree of disability, and that number is growing each year," said Quinn. "Any group that represents over a fifth of the state's population has significant economic influence. As companies statewide participate in the training, it will enhance New Hampshire's accessibility for everyone today and in the future. It's also just good business."

For information about the Senator's visit or Granite State Independent Living's new Disability Awareness Training, call 603.228.9680, extension 110.