Second State Joins Dodd’s Effort To Require Congressional Authority For Troops Surge

Building on support offered last week by 35 members of the Arizona legislature, 117 State Representatives and Senators from Connecticut last week joined Senator Chris Dodd’s effort to require President Bush to seek Congressional authorization before sending more troops to Iraq.

"Senator Dodd’s proposal to require Congressional authorization for a troop surge in Iraq is meaningful legislation that will prevent the Bush Administration from ignoring Congress," said State Representative John C. Geragosian. "Senator Dodd has been a leader in proposing solutions to the mess in Iraq, and I urge Congress to move quickly passing Senator Dodd’s bill."

"In Connecticut and Arizona, more than 150 state legislators have heard Senator Dodd’s strong message on fixing the mess in Iraq. Elected officials from across the nation are recognizing that Senator Chris Dodd is a leader on Iraq," said campaign Communications Director Beneva Schulte.