Senator Hugh Leatherman joins McCain supporters

ARLINGTON, VA -- In a return visit to the Palmetto State, U.S. Senator John McCain hosted a press conference with South Carolina state Senator Hugh Leatherman. Senator McCain stated that Leatherman would serve as a state co-chair of the Arizona Senatorís exploratory committee in South Carolina and as an adviser on state legislative issues. In 2000, Senator Leatherman supported then Governor George W. Bushís bid for the presidency.

Leatherman, a twenty-six year veteran legislator, stated this would be the most important election in a century or more. "Iím convinced America itself is at stake. Our way of life, our freedoms, our security all are at-risk as we head into this election," said Leatherman. "The next President must be uncommon in every sense of the word because he will face uncommon challenges few Presidents have ever had to confront. I have concluded that I can confidently entrust the security of my familyís future and our countryís future to John McCain."

Senators Leatherman and McCain were joined by South Carolina Speaker of the House of Representatives Bobby Harrell. Harrell announced his support for Senator McCain in a series of press conferences held last month.

Leatherman said this wasnít the time for on-the-job training. "We need experience. We need vision and character. We need courage. And thatís why I am announcing my support for Senator John McCain and urging him to declare as a candidate for Commander-in-Chief," said Leatherman.

Senator McCain said Leathermanís support was encouraging. "Hugh Leatherman has earned the reputation of being a dedicated public servant committed to improving the lives of his constituents," said Senator McCain. "I am honored to have his support and I sincerely appreciate his counsel on the important issues facing the people of South Carolina."