John McCain launches new web site

ARLINGTON, VA - U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential exploratory committee today released the campaign’s new website,, initiating an online dialogue and conversation with individual Americans about the stakes of the 2008 election and the issues important to them.

"These are serious times for America as our nation faces the ongoing threat of terrorism and the ongoing challenges of fiscal irresponsibility at home," said Terry Nelson, National Campaign Manager of John McCain 2008 " The Exploratory Committee. "This website conveys the undeniable fact that John McCain is singularly prepared to be President of the United States and face the challenges ahead."

Today’s release is the base platform for the thousands of Team McCain online activists to become involved in John McCain 2008. On the site, individuals are empowered as key participants in Senator McCain’s campaign to recruit other volunteers, raise money, and participate in a virtual town hall with Senator McCain. The site will continue to grow and evolve as Senator McCain makes a final decision about running for President.

"In 2000, John McCain harnessed the power of the internet in a way that was new and unique to campaigns," said Christian Ferry, National eCampaign Director. "This site continues to build on that experience, recognizing the importance of new media in today’s political discourse and the power of technology to inform, involve, and connect individuals to a candidate and a campaign."

"This site is a departure from the traditional campaign website in both design and navigation," continued Ferry. "It is designed to engage users with a different visual experience on every page, giving them unique insight into the rich personal story of John McCain and his years of experience that differentiates him as ready to lead."