Giuliani warns of Dems' tax hikes

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Rudolph Giuliani
Former Mayor, NYC
Born: 05/28/1944
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Religion: Catholic
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MANCHESTER Republican president hopeful Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday that New Hampshire residents would see their federal taxes go up about $3,300 each if a Democrat is elected president.

That would be the result if the Bush administration's tax cuts are repealed, he said after a stop at the Red Arrow Diner.

The former New York mayor said the total does not include the cost of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's recent proposal to send a $5,000 savings bond to every baby born in the United States.

Giuliani likened Clinton's proposal to one made by George McGovern, who in 1972 proposed sending $1,000 to every U.S. resident. McGovern lost the election in a landslide to Richard Nixon.

"It's interesting that Hillary is taking something from the George McGovern playbook," Giuliani said.

"Is there going to be an agency that sends out the checks? Who is going to verify it? How many new bureaucrats will have to be hired?" he said.

Giuliani also criticized Clinton when asked by reporters whether he can win religious conservative votes.

"You're not going to get every vote, but you reach out for every vote, in my case, with the same program. I don't have a different program for one group or another. I don't have a different accent for different parts of the country," he said.

Clinton was roundly criticized after she slipped into a pseudo-Southern accent in front of a largely black audience in Alabama last spring.

Giuliani was touring several diners and cafes the same day he started running new ads in New Hampshire to try to build on close poll results. At Mary Ann's Diner in Derry, he ate a veggie egg white omelet with a side of bacon while chatting with the diner's owners, Bill Andreoli, Sr. and Bill Andreoli, Jr.

In his 60-second ad, Giuliani emphasize his executive experience and fiscal record both key in his effort to overtake former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. The ads will air only in New Hampshire.

"I've been tested in a way in which the American people can look to me. They're not going to find perfection, but they're gonna find somebody who's dealt with crisis almost on a regular basis and has had results, results people thought were impossible," says Giuliani.