Romney introduces himself in new campaign ad
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, center, laughs at a question at a fund raiser gala Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007, in Salt Lake City. From left to right in the front row are: Utah state Speaker of the House Greg Curtis, Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert and his wife Jeanette, Ann Romney and her husband Mitt, and state Senate President John Valentine. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)
Mitt Romney (R)
Former Governor, MA
Born: 03/12/1947
Birthplace: Michigan, CT
Home: Belmont, MA
Religion: Mormon
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ANALYSIS: Both the lengthy ad and its distribution in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan and Florida show this is an introductory spot. Romney is less well known than the leading GOP contenders, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, so he has to take to the airwaves to gain name recognition. His first targets are residents of early voting and electorally important states. Critics, including the Democratic National Committee, say the spot glosses over population losses and low job creation in Massachusetts during Romney's term as governor, as well as his inexperience in foreign affairs and his admitted flip-flop on some issues such as abortion rights.

Details of a television ad being released Wednesday by Mitt Romney's campaign:

TITLE: "Unplugged 60."

LENGTH: 60 seconds.

PRODUCER: National Media Inc.

AIRING: Rotating through Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan and Florida beginning Wednesday.


Ann Romney: "Every place that Mitt has gone, he has solved problems that people said were nearly impossible."

Announcer: "Mitt Romney. Business legend. Rescued the Olympics. The Republican governor who turned around a Democratic state."

Mitt Romney: "I believe the American people are overtaxed and the government is overfed. I believe we're spending too much money and that's got to stop. I believe our laws ought to be written by the people and not by unelected judges. Look, these are critical times we face. We face attack from jihadists. We face tougher competition than we've ever known before coming from Asia. We're spending too much money here. We're using too much oil here. Our schools are failing too many of our kids. This is not a time for more talk and dithering in Washington. It's a time for action. I believe in the people of America. Free American people are the source of this land's great strength."

Signoff: "I'm Mitt Romney. I'm running for president, and I approve this message."

KEY IMAGES: Ann Romney, standing in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich., introduces her husband at his campaign announcement last week. Romney, later framed against a huge American flag in Des Moines, Iowa, ticks through a list of governmental and social priorities. Key points are highlighted by graphical inserts, such as a magazine headline proclaiming him "Lord of the Rings" at the Olympics as the announcer declares he "rescued" the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.