The Primary Pundit will cover the "under the radar" moments in the leadup to the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. The focus will be on the people -- campaign workers, voters, and undocumented aliens from space -- rather than the candidates and their positions. I'll also be keeping an eye on the natonal media onslaught. The Pundit encourages reader input about their own adventures on the campaign trail. Who did you see? What did you think? What's exciting? What's bunk? And did the candidate have a You Tube moment?
With each presidential candidate who comes into the state there is a story to be told, not only about what he or she said, but about the scene at the events, and the interesting and sometimes funny things that happen. The goal of this blog is to give readers a bird’s eye view of what the candidates said, what they did and how those present reacted.
Since 1975 when I authored the "NH will be first" law (with a few updates since), we have guaranteed our presidential primary is first-in-the-nation. The next occupant of the White House will have his, or her, first job interview here. So, let's take a look at why they run, how they run, who helps them run, what's in it for them, what they're going to do for us, and what they're saying on the roads and sidewalks and living rooms throughout the state.
I just love the media during election cycles dressing up their columns and newstories with that perfect touch of bias. This blog will focus on those putting the focus on the different aspects of Presidential politics. Some in the media believe they are the fourth branch of government and their power shows in the bias of their reporting. We at "Let's Have Some Sense" will expose it. Please post comments and keep a watchful eye on the press. They need it.
Michael W. Lenz is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Masaschusetts @ Amherst and a long-time contributor to Seacoast Newspapera. He is a self-described populist and this blog reflects his interest in the intersect between national and local politics.

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